Wednesday at The Ballpark

Another Rangers win over the Yankees last night and another wave with a sold out crowd. This time it happened in the top of the 8th with Mike Adams pitching for the Rangers. Two tweets perfectly show just one of the reasons the wave sucks.

@ ....Just missed Mike Adams 3rd out because of an emerging wave in front of us #pleasestopthem
Jonathan Nelson
Oh no, here comes the wave again. Missed Mike Adams first K because of it. #notherepeople @
Julia Morales

These two fans missed out on parts of the game because people were doing the wave. The whole point of going to a game is to, you know, watch it. And with the way that game went last night you’d think and hope that the crowd could stay interested.

Last night also featured two adults basically stealing a ball tossed into the crowd from a little kid.

The Rangers made things right with the kid while the other couple continued to be oblivious to what happened. However, I mention this because check out the shirt the kid’s dad was wearing.

Yep, that’s one of our Stop The Wave shirts. You have to expect that the kid will grow up to appreciate baseball the right way. And I can almost guarantee you that the couple that took the ball in the first place were fully taking part in that eighth inning wave.

Stop The Wave T-Shirts

Stop The Wave t-shirts are now available!

Shirt Logo 1

You can get your own over at the Stop The Wave SpreadShirt store. I decided to go with SpreadShirt because they offer the most flexibility for making designs available. The shirts are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and in any color shirt available on their site. It’s a good quality shirt and the logo is flex printed to have a slightly glossy look but is something that will last.


I hope to see some of these out at the Ballpark this season, it’s time to start spreading the word that the wave has to stop!