Wednesday at The Ballpark

Another Rangers win over the Yankees last night and another wave with a sold out crowd. This time it happened in the top of the 8th with Mike Adams pitching for the Rangers. Two tweets perfectly show just one of the reasons the wave sucks.

@ ....Just missed Mike Adams 3rd out because of an emerging wave in front of us #pleasestopthem
Jonathan Nelson
Oh no, here comes the wave again. Missed Mike Adams first K because of it. #notherepeople @
Julia Morales

These two fans missed out on parts of the game because people were doing the wave. The whole point of going to a game is to, you know, watch it. And with the way that game went last night you’d think and hope that the crowd could stay interested.

Last night also featured two adults basically stealing a ball tossed into the crowd from a little kid.

The Rangers made things right with the kid while the other couple continued to be oblivious to what happened. However, I mention this because check out the shirt the kid’s dad was wearing.

Yep, that’s one of our Stop The Wave shirts. You have to expect that the kid will grow up to appreciate baseball the right way. And I can almost guarantee you that the couple that took the ball in the first place were fully taking part in that eighth inning wave.

Fox Sports Southwest and Tom Grieve hate their viewers

Ok, maybe hate is a strong word here. But the last two games against the Yankees have featured the broadcast taking the attention away from the game at very inappropriate times.

First up is the third inning of Yu Darvish’s masterpiece Tuesday night. The Yankees have the bases loaded with no outs and Curtis Granderson is up to bat. There’s a 2-2 count and Tom thinks he “has a minute” for cookie shout-outs. (EDIT: Oops, turns out I don’t have that video. Instead this is just a sample of what FSSW apparently thinks is good broadcast material from the same game.)

Then tonight, in the ninth inning with two outs and an 0-2 count to Eric Chavez, FSSW shows a sign asking Tom for cookies. Of course, TAG can’t resist this opportunity to start talking about the damn things again.

I honestly don’t understand what they’re doing during these broadcasts. They are getting record high ratings because the Rangers are a very good team. Is the game itself not enough? Why does there need to be constant distractions away from the action? I realize baseball games can bog down at times, but these two examples were definitely not that type of situation.

All I want is a broadcast presentation and commentary that focuses on the game and isn’t constantly taking the focus away from it. Is that too much to ask?

Wave Watching at The Ballpark

Tuesday night at Rangers Ballpark ended up being pretty special for the Rangers. Yu Darvish finally showed a taste of what all the hype was about by pitching 8.1 scoreless innings with 10 strikeouts to only 2 walks against the vaunted Yankees lineup. The Rangers shut-out the Yankees at home for the first time since August 16, 2000. There was a sellout crowd for the fourth time this season. All-in-all it was just a very good night for the little Rangers.

You’d think that with all that going on the crowd would be into the game, paying attention, cheering and just being a good baseball crowd. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for these two guys:

That pic was sent to me by @Flyguyify on Twitter and yes, those guys are trying to start the wave. This was in the bottom of the fifth when the Rangers had Ian Kinsler on first after a walk and Elvis Andrus was at bat. It was a 2-0 game at the time and instead of watching the game these guys have their backs turned and are trying to focus the attention on themselves. Elvis hit into a double play just a few pitches later.

That just goes to show that no matter how well things are going at a game there are probably always going to be people that just don’t get it. All we can do is just keep letting them know why the wave needs to stop.


Weekend wave wrap-up

It was a successful wave free weekend at Rangers Ballpark. Sure, there were a few attempts to get it started, especially on Saturday and Sunday, but it never made it all the way around the stadium. Hopefully this streak keeps going for a while.

However, as much as we want the wave to be banished into the hall of past fads there are always people that think it’s the highlight of any trip to a game. In a blog post using the wave as a metaphor to forcing change in your career path, Patti Johnson tells you upfront what she thinks about the wave.

The best part is the wave. It begins with one fan, then a few more, and finally an entire section enthusiastically jumps to their feet. After many failed starts, the wave eventually travels all around the park. An entire stadium of people working together to make it happen.

Like I said, Ms. Johnson is using the wave as business metaphor so I probably shouldn’t take this as literally as I’m going to but what would be the fun in that? 

If one word stands out to me on how the wave of change really happens, it’s persistence. I love how a few people keep trying and trying. There are groans when it stalls three sections away, and they start again.

So, her favorite part of the wave is actually its worst feature. Being in the section of the people that are trying to start the wave is the worst punishment I could imagine at a baseball game. The groans you hear aren’t from people disappointed it stalled out just a few sections away, they are from the people who know some jackass in front of them is about to ruin their view of the game again.

As you put on your favorite baseball jersey and head to the ballpark for Opening Day, remember to help another fan out and be part of the wave. Or, better yet, be the one to get it started. And remember, the fifth time is the charm.

That’s right, Ms. Johnson is telling you to go be as annoying as absolutely possible and to not even pay attention to the game in front of you. As long as people that think like this are going to games the wave will be there, lurking, waiting to rear its ugly head and mess with your enjoyment of the game.

The MLB Twitter account did some trolling today

The official MLB Twitter account has been running a contest today to promote Basically, they’ve been asking fluff questions and picking a response that had the #MLBTVme hash tag.

It was going fine until this question popped up:

2 PRIZES, 2 WINNERS: Watch MLBTV on a @ or @ by answering: What's better, KISS CAM or THE WAVE? Use #MLBTVme in response.

Yes, MLB is asking its fans to pick between the two most annoying things that happen at a baseball game. Of course, the correct answer to this question is kiss cam. It’s annoying but at least it takes place between innings and doesn’t actually mess with anything going on on the field.

There were plenty of people who recognized this lesser of two evils.

@ kiss-cam, the wave is a vile act that ran its course 20 years ago and should be outlawed league wide. #MLBTVme
Dan Shelly

@ the wave is for non-fans. kiss cam is much better #MLBTVme
Darren Yoder

@ KISS CAM! The Wave should be banned from all ballparks across the country! #MLBTVme
Ria Basco

@ #MLBTVme the,wave is how pink hats and ppl who know nothing about the game enjoy it, kiss cam is comedy gold sometimes

However, there were far too many that just don’t get it. After the jump, check out what we’re up against here.
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Orel Hershiser really likes Rangers Ballpark

Over the weekend, Orel Hershiser unveiled his plan to save Dodger Stadium. Hershiser is not currently involved with any of the remaining groups still in the running to buy the Dodgers but wanted to get his vision for Dodger Stadium out in the wild.

“We just want to give people a dream of what could happen,” he said. “You can’t tell the story without a picture. The idea is to show people all the elements that are possible and not to say, ‘This is it.’ “

Here’s the rendering showing Hershiser’s ideas:


After looking at the render for a few minutes it became very obvious that all it is is the outfield of Rangers Ballpark with a little Photoshop work.


The same outfield walls, same bullpens, Green’s Hill, the club above the left field seats, the home-run porch, the bottom level of the office buildings, it’s all there. It looks like the only thing they actually changed was removing the top level of seats in left and the top couple of floors of the centerfield offices.

Granted, Rangers Ballpark itself is a bunch of stolen bits. Still, it’s good to see Hershiser enjoyed some part of his stay in Arlington.

Oh, Miami

Do the Miami Marlins have an official theme song to go along with all the other new additions this year? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look it. But, in a way, the fact that this isn’t team sponsored makes it even more incredible.

And it really comes together if you listen to it while looking at the amazing new home run sculpture at Marlins Park. I need to see a game at that place.

(GIF courtesy Baseball Nation)

Mark Cuban joins the cause

Mark Cuban not doing the wave. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

You might have heard about Bill Simmons’ interview with Mark Cuban for the B.S.Report at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference last week. It was during that interview that Cuban made an ill-attempt at a joke that landed him in some hot water that he has since made an apology for. But if you haven’t paid much attention to the story you might have missed that Cuban sharing his thoughts on the wave led directly to the comment.

At about the forty minute mark of the interview Cuban begins talking about what he wants the fan experience at a Mavericks game to be like. He doesn’t want you staring at your phone or not paying attention to the court and he definitely doesn’t want you doing the wave.

I have an automatic “you’re fired” policy if you do the wave. Seriously. If you do it, like, I had somebody who didn’t know that they would be fired this year who tried to get the wave started. I was like, you have not read the policy, you get one warning. I’ll say it to everybody here, anybody that ever works for the Mavericks ever tries to do the wave, you’re fired.

There’s no bigger energy killer than doing the wave, right. I’d rather have 60 minutes of kiss cam.

Mark Cuban hates the wave so much that he’ll fire an employee who tries to get it started at a Mavericks game. Now, Cuban and I have had our disagreements in the past but a policy like that is definitely something I can get behind.

Come on Boston…

While watching the Rangers-Rays game Thursday night I was very disappointed to see this tweet show up in my timeline:

What better time for The Wave than a 2-1 NYY-BOS game at Fenway?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Doing the wave in any 2-1 game is a bad thing. Doing the wave in a 2-1 game at Fenway Park during a game against your biggest rival is just unbelievable. The Red Sox ended up losing the game 4-2 with Mariano Rivera striking out Adrian Gonzalez with the bases loaded in the ninth. I’m not saying doing the wave earlier in the night cost the Red Sox the game, but…

Of course if everyone taking their kids to a baseball game would follow Ian’s advice, this wouldn’t be a problem to begin with.

“See that, son? That’s called “the wave”. Don’t do that. Bad fans do the wave.” #TeachYourChildrenWellless than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply