Starter vs Closer

Someone once said they would rather have 200 innings than 70 innings out of a pitcher. Which then is better — 45 saves or 15 wins?
— Ken B., Kilgore, Texas

That’s a great point, and that is the debate here in Rangers camp. Believe it — there are some here in Surprise who believe that 45 saves are better.

From TR Sullivan’s Inbox this morning. Sadly, one of those that believes 45 saves are better is most likely the manager of the team.

I’ve got to disagree with this – it’s that kind of safe-play attitude that will prevent the team from actually getting anywhere, and it’s frustrating that someone in charge would make a decision that would, realistically, prevent them from taking the risks all teams need to take to win games.

Baseball is a precise sport, but you can’t keep playing safe. Although it means a higher number of innings, it also means that you’re not allowing your players to open up rare opportunities to take the game home. All games – MLB, NFL, soccer, – are dependent on players being willing to strike out if it means that they’ve taken the opportunity to do more for the team in fewer innings, rather than playing it safe and allowing their opponents to be the only ones playing fast and loose.

Derek Holland Doesn’t Like The Wave

Personally, yeah, we can hear you guys, and that’s good. We have the greatest fans, just so you guys know. But one thing that I am going to ask, and I know that a lot of guys get irritated with this so don’t take it the wrong way, but the wave needs to go. When I was in the bullpen in the playoffs against the Rays, we had a close game and we were ahead and fans were too busy doing the wave instead of getting behind us. Do it when we’re up by a lot, that’s all I ask. The wave is great, just do it at the right time, that’s all. Please don’t take any offense to it. We like the wave – just do it at the right time.

Derek Holland