Please don’t be this guy

Last night was about as perfect of a night you can get at Rangers Ballpark in August. It was 86 degrees at game time with a good breeze going, Ryan Dempster showed why the Rangers traded for him and the Rangers got a nice, easy win.

But, all of that isn’t good enough for some people. So, in the seventh inning, with Nelson Cruz batting, a couple guys tried to get the wave going two sections down from me. And here they are:

That’s right, it doesn’t matter at all what’s going on on the field to these guys, it’s just all about them. But, Nelson Cruz struck out so this attempt died.

In the top of the eighth, Dempster was trying to put the finishing touches on a one run, four hit outing. Again, this just wasn’t impressive to most of the crowd as the wave was going full steam with two outs and Nate McLouth at bat. After the ninth pitch of the at bat the wave finally stopped. McLouth flied out to center on the tenth pitch.

My view of most of Ryan Dempster’s last batter.

Oh, Elvis Andrus also made what’s probably the best defensive play I’ve ever seen in person.

King Felix

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

I’ve been working on a post for later tonight about how tough it’s been watching Rangers baseball at times this season. Winner expectations, a divide in the fan base, a stubborn manager, questionable media. That type of stuff.

But then, Felix Hernandez goes and throws what might be the best perfect game ever and all of a sudden you’re reminded why baseball is fun.

So, yeah, that other stuff can wait a few more days.

Frank DeFord wants the wave to disappear

Noted sportswriter Frank DeFord did a commentary on NPR yesterday on how to measure the greatest Olympian. He talks about comparing athletes between sports and generations but then goes off on a tangent about the wave.

Aren’t you sick of the wave? It’s been around since the 1970s, it’s not fun any more, but it’s mandatory to go along if some unoriginal idiot starts it up. Otherwise, you’re not a good sport. Please. But, here it is again, periodically at the Olympics. Even Prince William and Kate had to join in when some dimwit started it at the tennis matches.

Yeah, he nailed the landing on that one.

Donald Trump Does The Wave

Well, if you ever needed a definitive reason not to do the wave, I think this just about covers it.

Oh, this also happened at Yankee Stadium in the 7th inning of a game the Yankees were losing 3-2, which is just sad by itself.