New Stop The Wave signs at Rangers Ballpark

Over the past few days Chuck Morgan has shown off a couple new Stop The Wave signs at Rangers Ballpark. I’m not sure how well they worked but at least Chuck’s still trying to do something about the wave.

First up was The Lone Ranger:

And then how can you say “No” to the one and only Chuck Norris?

Big thanks to @mtt71769 for both of those pics.

These signs also have people from other cities wishing their park would do the same.

look, in TEX the scoreboard tells fans to NOT do the wave. could we pls get this at Citi Field?? (h/t @)
Caryn /

And Toronto? RT @ (...) could we pls get this at Citi Field?? (h/t @)

Would love it if the @ did this. MT @: in TEX scoreboard tells fans NOT do the wave (h/t @)

But this is what we really need.

Maybe someday.

The Braves are giving out the best bobblehead ever

On Saturday, June 9th, the Atlanta Braves are giving out the greatest bobblehead ever created.

That, of course, is celebrating the famous Sid Bream slide that won the Braves the National League Championship in 1992. Which, if you haven’t seen it lately, looked like this:

As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in Atlanta until 1996 and was naturally a huge Braves fan. After an entire decade of terrible baseball in Atlanta the Braves had the World Series stolen from them thanks to questionable Metrodome conditions and blatant cheating by the Twins lost the 1991 World Series to the Twins in seven games. (Last season the Twins released a bobblehead featuring an infamous, to Braves fans at least, incident during game 2 of that series.) No one really expected the Braves to make it back in ’92; much like long time Rangers fans people were just conditioned to the Braves losing.

However, there they were back in the NLCS against the Pittsburgh Pirates, down 2-0 in the bottom of the ninth of game 7. Good things happened and Sid Bream, quite possibly the slowest man on the planet at the time, beat Barry Bonds throw and the Braves were back in the World Series. Unfortunately, The Braves would go on to lose the World Series to the Blue Jays in six games (they wouldn’t get back until 1995, when they finally won) and the Pirates haven’t had a season above .500 since.

I remember watching that game live on TV. As a 10 year-old baseball fanatic it was quite possibly the greatest moment of my life up to that point. I really want one of these things but since I’m in Dallas now and can’t get back to Atlanta on such short notice I need some help. If you can in any way help me get one please get in touch with me and let’s work something out.

The Rangers are The Avengers

(After a tough 4-2 loss to the Angels Saturday afternoon, Ron Washington and Mike Scioscia meet on the field during batting practice. A tense conversation happens between them.)

Scioscia: What have I to fear?

Wash: The Rangers. You know, the team’s that beat you the last two years. Some are even saying an “Earth’s Best Team” type thing.

Scioscia: Yes, I’ve met them.

Wash: Yeah, it’s taken us a while to get any national traction, I’ll give you that one. But let’s do a head count here: your former catcher that you, for some insane reason, traded for Vernon effing Wells; the Face of the Franchise, a living legend that doesn’t quite live up to the legend, but still, he’s pretty good; a right-fielder with a breath-taking boomstick; a couple of the best middle-infielders in the game, and you, and your team, you’ve managed to piss off every single one of them.

Scioscia: That was the plan.

Wash: Not a great plan. When they play, and they WILL, they’ll come for you.

Scioscia: I have Jared Weaver.

Wash: We have Hamilton.