Wave Watching at The Ballpark

Tuesday night at Rangers Ballpark ended up being pretty special for the Rangers. Yu Darvish finally showed a taste of what all the hype was about by pitching 8.1 scoreless innings with 10 strikeouts to only 2 walks against the vaunted Yankees lineup. The Rangers shut-out the Yankees at home for the first time since August 16, 2000. There was a sellout crowd for the fourth time this season. All-in-all it was just a very good night for the little Rangers.

You’d think that with all that going on the crowd would be into the game, paying attention, cheering and just being a good baseball crowd. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for these two guys:

That pic was sent to me by @Flyguyify on Twitter and yes, those guys are trying to start the wave. This was in the bottom of the fifth when the Rangers had Ian Kinsler on first after a walk and Elvis Andrus was at bat. It was a 2-0 game at the time and instead of watching the game these guys have their backs turned and are trying to focus the attention on themselves. Elvis hit into a double play just a few pitches later.

That just goes to show that no matter how well things are going at a game there are probably always going to be people that just don’t get it. All we can do is just keep letting them know why the wave needs to stop.