Fox Sports Southwest and Tom Grieve hate their viewers

Ok, maybe hate is a strong word here. But the last two games against the Yankees have featured the broadcast taking the attention away from the game at very inappropriate times.

First up is the third inning of Yu Darvish’s masterpiece Tuesday night. The Yankees have the bases loaded with no outs and Curtis Granderson is up to bat. There’s a 2-2 count and Tom thinks he “has a minute” for cookie shout-outs. (EDIT: Oops, turns out I don’t have that video. Instead this is just a sample of what FSSW apparently thinks is good broadcast material from the same game.)

Then tonight, in the ninth inning with two outs and an 0-2 count to Eric Chavez, FSSW shows a sign asking Tom for cookies. Of course, TAG can’t resist this opportunity to start talking about the damn things again.

I honestly don’t understand what they’re doing during these broadcasts. They are getting record high ratings because the Rangers are a very good team. Is the game itself not enough? Why does there need to be constant distractions away from the action? I realize baseball games can bog down at times, but these two examples were definitely not that type of situation.

All I want is a broadcast presentation and commentary that focuses on the game and isn’t constantly taking the focus away from it. Is that too much to ask?