Weekend wave wrap-up

It was a successful wave free weekend at Rangers Ballpark. Sure, there were a few attempts to get it started, especially on Saturday and Sunday, but it never made it all the way around the stadium. Hopefully this streak keeps going for a while.

However, as much as we want the wave to be banished into the hall of past fads there are always people that think it’s the highlight of any trip to a game. In a blog post using the wave as a metaphor to forcing change in your career path, Patti Johnson tells you upfront what she thinks about the wave.

The best part is the wave. It begins with one fan, then a few more, and finally an entire section enthusiastically jumps to their feet. After many failed starts, the wave eventually travels all around the park. An entire stadium of people working together to make it happen.

Like I said, Ms. Johnson is using the wave as business metaphor so I probably shouldn’t take this as literally as I’m going to but what would be the fun in that? 

If one word stands out to me on how the wave of change really happens, it’s persistence. I love how a few people keep trying and trying. There are groans when it stalls three sections away, and they start again.

So, her favorite part of the wave is actually its worst feature. Being in the section of the people that are trying to start the wave is the worst punishment I could imagine at a baseball game. The groans you hear aren’t from people disappointed it stalled out just a few sections away, they are from the people who know some jackass in front of them is about to ruin their view of the game again.

As you put on your favorite baseball jersey and head to the ballpark for Opening Day, remember to help another fan out and be part of the wave. Or, better yet, be the one to get it started. And remember, the fifth time is the charm.

That’s right, Ms. Johnson is telling you to go be as annoying as absolutely possible and to not even pay attention to the game in front of you. As long as people that think like this are going to games the wave will be there, lurking, waiting to rear its ugly head and mess with your enjoyment of the game.