The MLB Twitter account did some trolling today

The official MLB Twitter account has been running a contest today to promote Basically, they’ve been asking fluff questions and picking a response that had the #MLBTVme hash tag.

It was going fine until this question popped up:

2 PRIZES, 2 WINNERS: Watch MLBTV on a @ or @ by answering: What's better, KISS CAM or THE WAVE? Use #MLBTVme in response.

Yes, MLB is asking its fans to pick between the two most annoying things that happen at a baseball game. Of course, the correct answer to this question is kiss cam. It’s annoying but at least it takes place between innings and doesn’t actually mess with anything going on on the field.

There were plenty of people who recognized this lesser of two evils.

@ kiss-cam, the wave is a vile act that ran its course 20 years ago and should be outlawed league wide. #MLBTVme
Dan Shelly

@ the wave is for non-fans. kiss cam is much better #MLBTVme
Darren Yoder

@ KISS CAM! The Wave should be banned from all ballparks across the country! #MLBTVme
Ria Basco

@ #MLBTVme the,wave is how pink hats and ppl who know nothing about the game enjoy it, kiss cam is comedy gold sometimes

However, there were far too many that just don’t get it. After the jump, check out what we’re up against here.

According to this guy, the wave, created in the ’80s, is the classic thing about a 150 year old sport.

@ The wave is the most classic move that brings fans together from any sport. It is timeless. No contest against the kiss cam. #MLBTVme
Doug Norfleet

No, the wave doesn’t get the crowd into the game. And your home team wants you actually cheering, not looking around for your next turn to stand up in unison.
@ The Wave because it gets the whole crowd into it, can help swing momentum to the home team #MLBTVme

Pride is the absolute last thing a crowd doing the wave should feel.

Things that 40,000 people can do that are better than the wave: almost anything.
@ @ @ nothing is better than THE WAVE when you can get 40,000+ fans involved. It will give you chills #MLBTVme
Aaron Burris

And I don’t even know what to say about this one.
@ Everyone loves THE WAVE late in a blowout! #MLBTVme
Eric Midcap