Orel Hershiser really likes Rangers Ballpark

Over the weekend, Orel Hershiser unveiled his plan to save Dodger Stadium. Hershiser is not currently involved with any of the remaining groups still in the running to buy the Dodgers but wanted to get his vision for Dodger Stadium out in the wild.

“We just want to give people a dream of what could happen,” he said. “You can’t tell the story without a picture. The idea is to show people all the elements that are possible and not to say, ‘This is it.’ “

Here’s the rendering showing Hershiser’s ideas:


After looking at the render for a few minutes it became very obvious that all it is is the outfield of Rangers Ballpark with a little Photoshop work.


The same outfield walls, same bullpens, Green’s Hill, the club above the left field seats, the home-run porch, the bottom level of the office buildings, it’s all there. It looks like the only thing they actually changed was removing the top level of seats in left and the top couple of floors of the centerfield offices.

Granted, Rangers Ballpark itself is a bunch of stolen bits. Still, it’s good to see Hershiser enjoyed some part of his stay in Arlington.