Mark Cuban joins the cause

Mark Cuban not doing the wave. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

You might have heard about Bill Simmons’ interview with Mark Cuban for the B.S.Report at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference last week. It was during that interview that Cuban made an ill-attempt at a joke that landed him in some hot water that he has since made an apology for. But if you haven’t paid much attention to the story you might have missed that Cuban sharing his thoughts on the wave led directly to the comment.

At about the forty minute mark of the interview Cuban begins talking about what he wants the fan experience at a Mavericks game to be like. He doesn’t want you staring at your phone or not paying attention to the court and he definitely doesn’t want you doing the wave.

I have an automatic “you’re fired” policy if you do the wave. Seriously. If you do it, like, I had somebody who didn’t know that they would be fired this year who tried to get the wave started. I was like, you have not read the policy, you get one warning. I’ll say it to everybody here, anybody that ever works for the Mavericks ever tries to do the wave, you’re fired.

There’s no bigger energy killer than doing the wave, right. I’d rather have 60 minutes of kiss cam.

Mark Cuban hates the wave so much that he’ll fire an employee who tries to get it started at a Mavericks game. Now, Cuban and I have had our disagreements in the past but a policy like that is definitely something I can get behind.