Friday night wave

If there’s ever an appropriate time to do the wave at a baseball game an 11-1 home team lead in the eighth inning would seem to be it. At least that’s what the fans at Rangers Ballpark thought when the wave started in that situation Friday night against the Angels.

This wasn't actually last night, it was August 5th, but it still shows how dumb you look doing the wave. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

It was a good thing the Rangers had such a large lead because once the wave started the Angels scored four runs on four hits. This particular wave went around the Ballpark eight or nine times before it stopped. The Angels’ mini rally didn’t make people stop, they just got bored with being bored I guess.

Rangers VP of Ballpark Entertainment Chuck Morgan has said he’s heard from players that they don’t mind the wave when there’s a large lead like Friday night. But this game just goes to show that there’s really never a lead big enough to fight off the bad karma of the wave. Just sit back, or stand up together and cheer, and enjoy your team beating up the team chasing them for a playoff spot.