The wave at Wrigley

Wednesday night the Braves were playing the Cubs at Wrigley down 3-1 in the top of the eighth. For some unexplainable the “fans” at Wrigley decided that was a great time to start doing the wave. Then Alex Gonzalez hit a solo home run (I’ll embed that video as soon as MLB allows). The great part about that home run is that it lands right at the leading edge of the wave.

I was going to write more about this particular wave but Matt Linder with The Outside Corner has already taken Cubs fans to task about it.

For the record, immediately after Cubs fans started doing the wave in the top half of the 8th inning, Atlanta’s Alex Gonzalez snapped them on the collective wrists with a ruler. Gonzalez blasted a solo homer to center, an angry bolt of lightning that shocked even the most apathetic Cubs fan into sitting in his seat and simply enjoying the damn game as it was intended to be enjoyed. It was as though the baseball karma gods were saying “do not befoul one of our sport’s finest cathedrals with such an execrable act.”

Be sure to check out the rest of Matt’s article; he does a very nice job of describing just why the wave is so atrocious.