Some people are getting it

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram had an article on the Stop The Wave signs at Rangers Ballpark yesterday. It mostly covers what led to the signs being displayed and the reaction to them but also has a part that shows they can work.

Tessie Reid, 23, and her mother, Debbie Reid, Arlington residents and season ticket holders, used to do the wave. They stopped when they started noticing the messages.

They thought it was a serious request from the Rangers and said they noticed that the wave seemed to have a negative impact on their favorite team.

“It seemed like some of the pitchers were not pitching well when they do the wave,” Debbie Reid said.

“It seems like it throws them off. It seemed like it was affecting them.”

So they became non-participants in the wave. Tessie said they’ve heard others around them discouraging fans from doing the wave as it rolls by.

It’s good to see that some people are getting why the wave needs to go.