New Stop The Wave shop updates

There’s a few new products in the Stop The Wave shop I wanted to let everyone know about. Before I get to those, just a reminder that if you want one of the original Stop The Wave logo t-shirts you can order directly from me by either hitting the Store button in the top right of the screen or by clicking here.

First up are the Stop The Wave logo t-shirts in more team colors. Those pictured below aren’t the only new colors and there should be an option that fits your team. If there’s not let me know and I’ll try to get it added.

Next is a shirt based on something that happened during the Rangers-Angels game Monday night. A mic by the Rangers dugout was turned up just a little too much and it turns out that Adrian Beltre gets very excited when the Rangers hit a home run. You can see a video of what happened next over on TwitVid (if hearing an S-bomb bothers you, don’t click the link). Of course, whenever something like that happens a t-shirt has to be made. (An uncensored version is available in the shop as well if you want to go with that.)