Cornhuskers don’t want the wave

I recently received an email from Lincoln, a former Nebraska student who wrote an article about why the wave needs to end back in 2002 for the Daily Nebraskan. He’s talking about wanting to see the wave gone at Nebraska football games but it right on about why the wave needs to go.

While I am sure being able to have “Creator of the Wave” inscribed on their tombstone is important to these men, this honor ranks just below owning Luis Gonzalez’s chewed bubble gum.

No matter who started the wave, it has spread and grown in popularity since the early ’80s.

The time has come to end to the wave.

All trends must come to an end. The achy-breaky-heart craze died, as did letting the dogs out. Short basketball pants went on the wayside and Saved by the Bell was canceled. (I miss you Kelly Kapowski.)

Be sure to check out the rest of the article, it’s a good read.