What’s Going On In Washington?

Below is a rather disappointing wave report I received from reader Tom:

I’m a season ticket holder for the Washington Nationals. Like you, I’ve grown frustrated with folks starting the wave during close games. This nonsense wouldn’t fly in my native Philadelphia! However, major league baseball is new to a lot of people here, so I’ve tried to be forgiving of those who don’t know better, including the folks who went to a game in Baltimore once upon a time and think that shouting “Oh” is a standard part of the national anthem in every ballpark. However, my tolerance reached its limits when, during a one-run game, I noticed that the wave was being led by members of the Nat Pack, the twenty-somethings who are employed by the team to keep the fans entertained between innings. Fortunately, my section is primarily made up of knowledgeable baseball fans who don’t participate in these shenanigans, so at least my view of the game isn’t blocked. Nonetheless, I worry about a franchise that promotes off-field activity at the same time that there is excitement on the field.

So we have a team that is promoting doing the wave in a close game. Hard to believe that they could let that happen but at least it’s the newest team around. Maybe they can figure this whole thing out pretty soon.

However, at least it’s good to see there are some baseball fans living in Washington D.C. besides Tom that also don’t like the wave.

Image from PowerLine