Don’t be Jeff Goldblum

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If you are visiting this site for the first time and you’re asking yourself, “why the hostility?”, or perhaps, “what’s so important about stopping the wave?”, then please enjoy this short, educational piece from the early nineties that will help clarify many of your questions.

We understand that children have short attention spans, so expecting them to sit still for a 3 hour baseball can be quite a chore. We’re not out to spoil a child’s afternoon of sugar overload, heat exhaustion, and the unrivaled enjoyment that Major League (or minor league) Baseball can provide. Rather, we are counting on the guidance of the parents, troop leaders, and chaperones to help shape these young minds and educate them in the ways of baseball fan etiquette.

The wave itself is not the enemy. The timeliness of the wave is. Knowing when to turn your back to the action and yell incoherently at your neighbors is the challenge. If you feel this uncontrollable urge taking over during a game, please follow these simple guidelines…

NEVER start the wave while the home team is pitching
NEVER start the wave if the home team has one or more men on base
NEVER start the wave if either team is a grand-slam (that’s 4 runs for the non-baseball types that “volunteered” to chaperone that day) away from tying the game.

If you must feed your inner-desire to control the unsuspecting masses, rain delays, blow outs, the seventh inning stretch, and during the opposing teams pitching changes are opportune times to unleash the beast. Other than that, please help us enjoy the performance of these great athletes and our nation’s most storied past time and STOP THE WAVE!