Stop The Wave In The News

It’s been a pretty wild few days for the Stop The Wave movement. It’s great that the whole idea is starting to get some attention. Mostly local DFW mentions are below, I’m working on gathering up all the national mentions and will have another post with them soon.

It all got started last Friday when ESPN’s Page 2 had a blog post about what Chuck Morgan has been doing and this site.

Obviously the warning, and the ban itself, are in jest. It’s not official team policy, and there are no real consequences for wavers. But there is an actual motive behind it: Fans began complaining to team officials that folks prodding them to do the wave was ruining their ballpark experience.

“I was getting lots of emails and Tweets from fans during the game asking me to do something to stop the wave,” said Chuck Morgan, the Rangers’ senior vice president for ballpark entertainment. “So I said, ‘Let’s see if we can have fun with it.'”

This morning KRLD 1080 had me on for a couple minutes to talk about what we’re trying to do. (Please excuse the stumbling beginning and the fighting off nervous shake voice the entire time)

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NBCDFW had a blog post about the site and why I decided to start doing it.

In case you’re unfamiliar (unfortunately, I don’t see how that’s possible), here it is, live, at Yankee Stadium. You think smart baseball fans in Arlington hate it, I bet these Bronx bozos loathe it.

And the great Anthony Andro with Fox Sports Southwest had a post about the movement with quotes from several people about the whole thing.

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington has become the focal point for a movement this season.

It’s a push to stop a trend that has long-since slowed at some ballparks across the nation, but still has ardent supporters in Arlington.

It’s the drive to end the wave.