Wednesday Wave Wrap

The wave passing in front of the No Wave Zone sign. It ended after going through the outfield.

It was a good game out at the Ballpark this afternoon. The Rangers won 2-1, CJ Wilson had a good outing, Ian Kinsler hit a line drive for a change and Neftali Feliz made the ninth much more interesting than it should have been. But, while the game was good, everything happening in the stands today was very disappointing.

The first wave attempt came in the bottom of the third. With the Rangers batting. And men on second and third.  I don’t have any explanation for why some people thought that was a good time to try and start the wave. It’s still early in the game and the Rangers were in a rally, so let’s get a bunch of people standing up and sitting down at the same time in center field right where the batter can see it! This attempt didn’t make it any further than a couple sections though.

The second wave started at the start of the top of the eighth, with the Rangers holding on to a one run lead and the always questionable Mark Lowe on the mound. A guy wearing an Elvis Andrus jersey in section 53 had his back turned to the game directing the entire section to start the wave. Everyone in the section obliged and proved they didn’t care whether the Rangers won or loss the game.

After trying several times the wave gained traction and started making its way around the Ballpark. Of course, Mark Lowe walked A.J. Pierzynski on 5 pitches to lead off the inning while this was happening. After the Pierzynski at bat the No Wave Zone sign was put up and the wave ended after three and a half trips around the stadium.

While the waves were bad what really bothered me today was the lack of a reaction in the ninth with Feliz pitching. Yeah, he struggled, at one point walking two straight White Sox batters on nine pitches, but when there were finally two outs the crowd was dead. There were maybe ten people standing and cheering on the first base side after Kins dropped a pop-up for a very strange second out with a 4-9-6 fielder’s choice.

Maybe it was just a weird weekday afternoon crowd; it was Wildlife Education Day so there tons of kids and I saw several large senior groups after the game. Just a lot of people there that usually don’t make it to a baseball game. I’m sure there will be a better showing Friday night.